The Tchendos

Production | 2018


Žižkovský Surfaři - singl


EP Mix and Mastering | 2017


London Based Music Band



EP Mix and Mastering | 2017


London Based Music Band


CAMERA | 2015


Bloom Twins are a Ukrainian-born English pop music group made up of twin sisters Anna and Sonia Kuprienko. They refer to the style of their music as "dark pop."[1] The girls released their first digital single in June 2013 and are currently producing an EP due in the fourth quarter of 2014.

My Back Is All Around Me | Katarina Hruskova

sound design | editing | mastering | 2014


audio installation / environment (domestic vinyl flooring, potato)

Can you imagine yourself in the skin of a potato? Your skin a potato's skin. Dry, inflexible, only there to store the juice inside of you. You don't move. It is not necessary that you move. You're there to store the juice.

The thoughts of that which spends its days underground, nearly motionless, an inflating tuber, gathering moisture, skin hardening. Is there enough there, in the world devoid of eyes that see, to create an image? There is poetry in the potato once it is given language. Its perpetual back which leans against the small, safe cave; the soft, black lair. Its eyes that are not made to look, but sprout. The sugar that turns to starch within its cells, the same cells that turn starch back into sugar if need be. 

I wanted to achieve a feeling of closeness to this object, look at what it is and what it does before it gets chewed up and swallowed. My writing is partly based on research into its biological attributes and partly on imagining myself into the potato - taking the domestication/ cultivation a step further. It is a mixture of fact and anthropomorphism (fiction). 

The floor has movement, the walls are left blank.

You are at home.

Anna Smoronova

Music soundtrack | A Short Dance Film | 2014
BREAK - Dance short video.

Lenka Padysakova

PRODUCED by STEPHUNK T. | Promotinal video | 2014
Lenka Padysakova born in Slovakia, now based in London is known for her 1920’s to the 1950’s historic classic style.  Lenka’s work is very in-depth.  This extraordinary young designer really puts her soul into creating and designing exquisite work.  By looking at her work you can definitely tell that she eats and breaths fashion, working hard and does extensive research.  Her gift is truly one of a kind.  Lenka Padysakova has such knowledge of different history of historic periods of art, she is a unique individual known like no other I’ve known.  I had the pleasure to interview her and she was very delighted and gracious to answer.

Clandestine Japan II.

photos | 2013
Clandestine Japan II
Bam-Bou London


Music soundtrack & technical Support | 2013
Part of the Artist-in-Residence Project at Red Gallery
Private View Saturday 24th August 2013, from 6pm
Exhibition open to public on Sunday 25th August from midday till 6pm

Web development | 2013
Vlasta Zak’s latest work is characterised by transition from the big party cycle and a phenomenon of the weekend entertainment into the dreamy world full of magic, which exists in parallel with that one we encounter.
Red Gallery London welcomes Slovakian artist Vlasta Zakova who is taking part in our Artist in Residence program during following next two months (July 2013).


Filming and EDITING | CANON 5d mkII | Promotional Video | London 2013
Bam-Bou's expert Bar Manager Ladislav Piljar has concocted up a delicious and healthy drinks menu featuring both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks that are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and beneficial revitalisers such as beetroot juice, coconut water, nettle tea, pomegranate and ginger. To check out all this amazing, new drinks menu..

Marta Topferova & Tomas Liska

Filming and EDITING | CANON 5d mkII | for Staropramen czech beer company | London 2013
Marta Topferova's musical journey is closely linked to her unique, cross-cultural roots. Growing up on both sides of the Atlantic, Topferova often traveled back and forth between her native Czech Republic and the Americas. Highly acclaimed for her previous albums of Latin-influenced music in Spanish, Milokraj is Topferova's latest creative endeavor, in collaboration with Czech bassist and composer Tomas Liska. The album features twelve stunning songs in Czech, and an all-star Eastern European line-up: Moldavian cimbalom player Marcel Comendant, Slovak violinist Stano Paluch, Czech guitarist David Doruzka, as well as Tomas Liska on bass and Marta on vocals. The CD booklet contains full English translations.


Filming / CANON 5d mkII / Music mixdown, mastering / London 2013
Desmod is a Slovak black metal band founded in 1996. The former lineup is completely different from the current one and they have played genres including soft rock and pop rock. Nowadays, Desmod is one of the most popular Slovak music groups.


Web development / 2013
Festival BiGy Fest původně vznikl jako benefiční akce na podporu Biskupského gymnázia v Letovicích. Nápadu na uspořádání festivalu předcházela petice nazvaná Chceme BiGy v Letovicích, ke které se během tří dnů na internetu a v ulicích přidalo přibližně 2000 lidí.

Po zamítavém stanovisku zřizovatele však nakonec došlo ke zrušení BiGy Letovice a první ročník festivalu se tak stal jistou formou rozloučení se s touto školou. Všichni účinkující vystoupili bez nároku na honorář, prostory letovického zámku pak bezplatně propůjčil jeho majitel Bohumil Vavříček. Na dobrovolném vstupném se vybralo cca 5000 Kč, které byly použity na uhrazení nákladů za festival.

Web development / 2012
We offer mainly homemade food made from scratch on the premises with focus on *organic & free range* product. That means  most of our ingredients we use in cooking are produced using methods that do not involve inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
We specialize in Central European cuisine, so you will find a traditional Viennese goulash or Buchteln on our menu. You can also find Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Lacto Free meals and drinks. Our philosophy is simple, to offer you quality food at a good price!
Working with organic materials is natural for us as it was in the time of our grandmothers. Please come and enjoy our specialties in our friendly & organic café!


Filming and EDITING / CANON 5d mkII / Documentary / 2012
RED Gallery is proud to present MASKER one of the leading young Czech artist of his generation. MASKER The recipient of the equivalent of the UK’s Turner prize was awarded the prestigious 333 2012 award for a young artist who excels in their field. Jakub Matuska show will be his first large-scale solo show after his sell out event at the Dvorak-Sec Gallery in Prague. Masker is widely considered in Europe as one of the most important Czech artists of his generation. Later this year he will be exhibiting in the National Gallery in Prague.


Sound and music production / 2012
Ouroboros is a tragedy short film which intends to confront the viewer with the realisation that choice of the certain action isjust a constructed illusion. Can choice be more a consequence of the impossibility to deal with guilt; or is it an altruistic gesture? This movie was picked by Middlesex University tutors & professors for Soho London screening as one of the best shot of the all graduation projects.

Web development / 2012
JOYBOX tvoří mladí, talentovaní muzikanti. Jejich cílem bylo utvořit hudební těleso, které by šířkou žánrového záběru a vysokou úrovní své produkce dokázalo zaujmout a pobavit jak tancechtivé, tak relaxující publikum všech věkových kategorií.

Sound & Production / 2011
CD ELEVEN Jedenáct nezávislých muzikantů k výročí jedenácti let společného koncertování natočilo jedenáct pro kapelu zásadních skladeb. Snahou bylo zachytit „ducha Takin’Off“ a záznam obohatit o možnosti studiové produkce. Žánrově jde o pohyb mezi styly funk-soul-pop-hiphop-r'n'b, ale některým skladbám je i toto neurčité vymezení příliš těsné.


Web development / 2011
AGAgency was launched in 2006 to provide a straightforward way for consumers to buy multi-brand auto parts and electronics. Over the thirty years of sales experience AGAgency achieved a high level of competence and competitiveness. It is our goal as a service driven organisation to provide you with the most economical and efficient solutions for your requirements.

Bees Blues

Mastering / 2010
Charlotte Michelle 11th
Genre: House / Minimalist / Techno
London and South East

Radio commercial advertisement / 2010
The Czech Boating Industry Association (APL) is pleased to invite you to the fourth edition of BOATS ON THE WATER 2012, a boat, boating accessories and water sports show that will take place from 12 to 15 April in Prague (Rašín Embankment and Smíchov beach).

introducIng Hotelmap - movie editing / 2009
London's Hotel Map. All London Hotels Special Offers on a full-screen interactive map.

Web development / 2009
Petr Alexa is an award-winning guitarist, performing internationally in a wide variety of genres; from classical, jazz and world to electronic music.

To nedoka'zes'

Sound & Music Production / Post Video Edit/ 2008
Documentary by Honza Kralik (Absolventský dokumentární film Honzy Králíka)
Kamera: Jan Látal
Střih: Katarína Geyerová
Hudba, zvuk: Štěpán Tůma


Sound & Music Production / 2007
Debut CD

Win By default

Sound & Production & Mastering / 2004
Dusan Lipert
Debut CD


Sound & Mix / 2003
Urban Bushamn
Debut CD

WildLife 12"

Studio Engineering / 2002
DJ Pavel Bidlo FX


Studio Engineering / 2001


Debut CD

Good bye Illusions 12"

Studio Engineering / 2000
DJ Lumiere


Studio Engineering & Mix / 2000
DJ Chris Sadler

ManZelE Remixed CD

Studio Engineering / 1999
CD compilation
SonyMusic Bonton

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